The Kylie Minogue of Preschool TV?

Any music maven knows the basic quandary of Kylie: huge worldwide following while the US mostly evades her. Is one of daughter’s favorite shows getting the same treatment?

Look how cute I am.

Pocoyo, a CGI animated toon, can be easily purchased on Amazon and other online retailers. But this TV show remains mostly homeless in the world of US TV, despite finding airtime in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and more. (“Pocoyo” does in air in Spanish on Discovery Familia in the States).

This show truly stands out, featuring sparse white backgrounds covered by bright animations. Narrations from British actor/comedian Stephen Fry lend themselves to the quick and interactive plots. I won’t bore with the list of awards this show has won, but the folks behind this (Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment) have some serious talent.
I discovered this property at an animation festival in San Fran a few years back, and then rediscovered it on the wonderful video site Since then, it is a must in our house. But no dice if the little one wants any licensed goods as Pocoyo licensees seem to be very UK-centric.

So, this is my plea to whoever is listening: give young Pocoyo, Pato the duck, Elly the Elephant and Sleepy Bird some US airtime.

Deprived girl needs her Pocoyo toys.

Deprived girl needs her Pocoyo toys.

Check out a sample episode below.

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