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Halloween TV on Nugget Island

Boo! Halloween season continues at Nugget Island as we present our special YouTube playlist of non-stop Halloween goodness for the kiddos. Tune in via your smart TV, set-top box or old-fashioned laptop for classic clips from Disney, kindie music videos, and much more. Click here to get access to it on YouTube or watch below. […]

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Cthulhu for the Kiddies: ‘Frozen Kingdom’ Down-Ages Lovecraftian Lit

My love for horror culture began as early as my Sesame Street years. I always made it a point to stay tuned after the ‘Street’ to watch the sometimes-spooky adventures of Doctor Who. As I grew older, kiddie-targeted horror films like Monster Squad, The Gate, Watcher in the Woods and Gremlins perfectly served my need […]

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Bert & Ernie in the Land of Gumby: Sesame’s Inspired Shorts

I am a sucker for stop motion and claymation. Anything that eschews CGI and handrawn for some good old fashioned hand modeling has me on board. So, when I  found out that Sesame Workshop was giving Bert and Ernie claymation alter-egos, I was already a fan. “Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures” (also known as “New […]

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The Unsung Hero of Preschool TV is a Bald French-Canadian

Naively, I used to think Maia was part of a small, niche audience of children who watched “Caillou.” Swept up in our mutual love for “hipper” and more publicized preschool fare like “Yo Gabba Gabba,” “Wow Wow Wubzy” and even “Sesame Street”, “Caillou” was that one show I assumed was exclusive to a few scattered […]

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