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The Art of an App: Disney Puzzle Slider

Back in November, I reviewed Disney Interactive’s iPhone/iTouch app Disney Puzzle Slider. Essentially a digital version of a plastic scrambled tile puzzle, this app has remained a hit in our household. The key appeal of this app is the ability to collect points to unlock “hidden” images in categories like Villains, Simply Mickey, Disney Stylized, […]

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Spotlight On…Schylling Toys

While Hasbro may be the most well known New England-based toy company,  toy store owners across the country may instead think of the Schylling brand. Rowley-MA based Schylling Toys specializes in classic, timeless toys with modern appeal. You won’t see any fly-by-night tech gadgets coming out of their catalogue. That’s precisely what makes this company […]

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Toddlers, Tiaras, and a (Kindie) American Idol

This is a special “guest” post from my wife Michelle, a talented writer, wonderful mom and my pop culture partner-in-crime.  I wanted to call her Mama Nugget. She declined. The conversation went soemthign like this: Nurse: Do you like Hannah Montana stickers? Maia: No. Who’s that? Me: She’s a girl on TV who sings and […]

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