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Pocoyo Finds A Home

Last year, I lamented about the lack of an on-air home for preschool series Pocoyo. Winner of a BAFTA award, three Pucinella Prizes at Cartoons on the Bay and the Best TV Series prize at Annecy, I questioned its nearly-invisible status in the United States. Well, it looks like the wise folks at Nick Jr. […]

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Pocoyo Travels the World, Opens His Own

As hashed out in my previous post, I am quite a fan of Zinkia’s refreshingly unique toon Pocoyo. Unfortunately, with only DVD distribution in the United States, this show hasn’t really found a proper following here. However, not too long after my plea for a TV deal, it was announced that my favorite CGI fella […]

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The Kylie Minogue of Preschool TV?

Any music maven knows the basic quandary of Kylie: huge worldwide following while the US mostly evades her. Is one of daughter’s favorite shows getting the same treatment? Pocoyo, a CGI animated toon, can be easily purchased on Amazon and other online retailers. But this TV show remains mostly homeless in the world of US […]

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