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5 Reasons Gustafer Yellowgold is the Coolest (or Hottest) Kids Concept

First off, you may be surprised I am not getting on the soapbox about “Yo Gabba Gabba,” since my posts always seems to somehow mention this preschool phenomenon. I do love this show, and it is a personal fave. But Gustafer Yellowgold is an organic, indie creation that slowly snuck its way into our household. […]

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Yo Gabba Gabba: The Art of Animation

Yo Gabba Gabba gets lots of well-deserved props for the musical guests that perform on the show. Whether it’s indie soft-rockers The Shins telling kids “It’s Ok, Try Again” or electro-funk act Chromeo reminding us to keep our hands “Clean,” there is no shortage of cool ‘Super Music Friends’ on this show. But, one of […]

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The Music Video Lives On. Or At Least In Our House.

We have two nightly, alternating bedtime traditions in our house. 1. Storytime Life’s a party in The Jimmies’ videos. 2. “Watching Music” While the first in pretty self-explanatory, the latter may need some clarification. Maia is a music-junkie, and enjoys anything to which she can sing, dance or rock out. Once upon a time, after […]

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Everyday is Talk Like a Pirate Day

For almost a decade, Portland-Oregon-based Captain Bogg & Salty have been creating their trademark pirate-themed rock for kids. A five-member band that includes talent from musical theater, sketch comedy, and children’s theater, their music has found a loyal following and their live shows have become legendary. Captain Bogg and the gang are back in the […]

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