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What’s Cooking In Kindie-ville: Another Music Update

Get your iPod, laptop, and credit card out, it’s time to refresh that music library. Your fall playlist is played out, and you need some new tunes to take you in to 2012. Below is a musical buffet of albums to check out, with several sure to fit your musical pallet. The Jimmies – Practically […]

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Dan Zanes is Coming to Town! (And a CD Giveaway)

Dan Zanes and Friends are coming to town! The first man of kindie rock is making his way to the Boston/New Hampshire area. Fresh off the release of his Broadway-themed 76 Trombones album, Zanes will be bringing the crew in for two shows at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Even if you aren’t […]

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“Many Hands” Lines Up Kindie All-Stars To Make a Difference

Whether you are someone who makes weekly visits to your local music store, a regular iTunes shopper or a torrent delinquent, there is one purchase I implore you to make this week. Not only is it for a great cause, but the music included is top-notch. Released today, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti is […]

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Fine-Tuned Compilations for Little People

In the age of the iPod mix, creating and releasing a compilation CD has to be a fine-tuned art to make it worthwhile. Yet, award-winning kid’s music label Music for Little People seems to have the formula nailed with two new releases celebrating their 25th anniversary. Pickin’ & Grinnin’: Great Folk Songs For Kids rounds […]

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The Music Video Lives On. Or At Least In Our House.

We have two nightly, alternating bedtime traditions in our house. 1. Storytime Life’s a party in The Jimmies’ videos. 2. “Watching Music” While the first in pretty self-explanatory, the latter may need some clarification. Maia is a music-junkie, and enjoys anything to which she can sing, dance or rock out. Once upon a time, after […]

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