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“Many Hands” Lines Up Kindie All-Stars To Make a Difference

Whether you are someone who makes weekly visits to your local music store, a regular iTunes shopper or a torrent delinquent, there is one purchase I implore you to make this week. Not only is it for a great cause, but the music included is top-notch. Released today, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti is […]

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Jitterbug Offers ‘Hip Kids’ Central Location for Cool Tunes

The art of the music video is generally lost on today’s youth. While the occasional video from OK Go or the like may attract some viral attention, today’s teen looks to MTV for reality programming like Jersey Shore or 16 and Pregnant. In general, unlike my generation, today’s millennials are not tuning in to see […]

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From Sub Pop to Kindie Pop: Meet The Not-Its!

The emergence of two early 90’s acts on the kindie/family music scene has been getting some attention recently, and deservingly so. Chris Ballew of 90’s alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America emerged last year with his excellent kids’ project, Caspar Babypants. Shortly afterward, 90’s rock band and “Freshman” singers The […]

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