Social Media Services

As your social media manager, I offer scalable solutions for creating, maintaining and developing your presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Together, we’ll use social media to share your developments, achievements, resources and offline happenings with a social, online audience.

We’ll work together to create clear objectives and a unified message to assure we are reaching the target audience. Your upgraded digital presence will open a new channel for connecting and engaging with your customers and fans.

Services Offered

At Nugget Island, I can create a presence for you and your business on platforms like:


I’ll create a branded Twitter channel and use it as platform to communicate to fans and followers, announce new products, respond to customers, push out fun promotions and engage in interesting and offbeat interactions.


Beyond setting it up as a constant location for your fans and customers to interact with you or your brand, I’ll also create a Facebook destination to stream content, capture names, announce events, sell product, and integrate with other social media channels.  If desired, I can also work with you to create targeted Facebook ads.


I’ll setup a branded YouTube page with themed channels, a custom background and Facebook integration. Working together, it will be constantly updated with new content that showcases your band, brand or property.


Your Pinterest boards will showcase your personality, product and style in a visual format. Your boards will get followers excited and increase your presence on the social web.


A corporate or industry LinkedIn page will allow you to showcase your products or property to your relevant vertical. I’ll also tailor your announcements and news to the proper channels as we interact with the appropriate LinkedIn Groups in your verticals.

Additional Services:

-Instagram setup and moderation
-Facebook Ads created and monitored
-Facebook e-commerce integration
-E-mail list integration into social media
-Setup on Google+, Flickr, Mail Chimp and much more.

Let’s Chat

I have been working in digital marketing for more than 15 years. If you pair this with my vast professional experience using social media for its marketing and promotional aspects, I am the right consultant for you. Let’s chat.