Eebee Ready to Show Off His Dreadlocks

This week it was announced that Vivendi Entertainment had acquired domestic DVD, digital and mobile rights to Every Baby Company’s Eebee’s Adventures. An early favorite of Maia’s, we have already scooped up the various DVDs that Vivendi will now be distributing on a wider scale.

In the official press release Vivendi Entertainment President Tom O’Malley said, “We are excited to work with Every Baby Company to help bring Eebee’s Adventures to the mainstream.” So am I!

eebee bee-bee bee-bee bee-bee baby
eebee bee-bee bee-bee bee-bee baby

As a baby (6-24 months), this was the first DVD and property that resonated with Maia. She loved watching the kids interact with the eebee puppet and host. Watching the “regular” kids and parents explore and play with an assortment of toys and objects left her wide eyed in amazement. I also took away a few ideas for interacting with Maia, based on some of the activities in each DVD.

Eebee’s Adventures is a simple, earnest effort and I think that is why we were so willing to let it into our home. I truly recommend this property to parents of newborns and younger toddlers as these DVDs and toys come from a place that puts the child before the dollar.

Check out a sample clip below or visit the official website.


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