Our Tribute to the Tributes of Dave Perillo

Dave PerilloIf you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may know our tendency for sharing and over-sharing the work of Philly-based artist and illustrator Dave Perillo. Like me, Dave has a love for all things pop culture and pop art, including well-known and cult artists like Jim Flora, Charles Schultz, Jim Henson, Mike Allred, and Tim Biskup. Unlike me, Dave has actual artistic talent and has used it to create some amazing illustrated tributes to some of the entertainment properties we love as children of the 80’s (The Goonies, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Thundercats), watch as adults  (Moonrise Kingdom, Breaking Bad), and, most relevant to this blog, enjoy with our kids.

If you are looking for some art to decorate your children’s room (or your office), Dave’s Etsy shop is a great place to start. From fairy tales to Pixar films, he offers a broad spectrum of illustrated work for parents who want to  pay tribute to their children’s favorites without just sticking up a poster.

Do yourself a favor, and check out Dave Perillo’s blog and Etsy shop as soon as possible. I have included some samples of his work below for you to appreciate.

All images are created, designed and illustrated by Dave Perillo. 

Monsters Inc

Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Muppets Dinosaurs Mickey Mouse Willy Wonka

Buzz & Woody

Grimm's Fairy Tales by Dave Perillo ParaNorman Alice In Wonderland

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