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Chrismukkah: In Review

Chrismukkah is over at our mixed-marriage residence.  Please ignore those lingering decorations. It’s time to call out just a few of the Santa (and Hanukkah) successes of the 2012 Holiday season. Disney Apples To Apples – Surely, you have played the adult-targeted version of this game at a party or two – possibly under the influence of […]

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A Very Kid-Friendly Halloween

It’s the season of the witch, and we have been playing our Halloween music and watching our Halloween films since mid-September.  We have already rolled out our yearly music playlist, and are ready to follow up with some more ways to get your kid-friendly scares on this Halloween. Listen To: “The Grand Scream of Things” […]

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Toddlers, Tiaras, and a (Kindie) American Idol

This is a special “guest” post from my wife Michelle, a talented writer, wonderful mom and my pop culture partner-in-crime.  I wanted to call her Mama Nugget. She declined. The conversation went soemthign like this: Nurse: Do you like Hannah Montana stickers? Maia: No. Who’s that? Me: She’s a girl on TV who sings and […]

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Caillou Follow-Up Post: E-mail from Hélène Desputeaux

In response (or at least I think) to my Caillou post, illustrator Hélène Desputeaux sent me this digital postcard  celebrating 20 years since Hélène first drew the little guy. Very cute!

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Unique Clothing Supports Overlooked Cause

Slightly Photoshopped Maia showing off the Goldfinch print First off, I will admit my biases here, as they are threefold. MeMe Baby is based out of our neighboring city, has used my daughter as a model on their website and even supports a cause that is close to me. Looking past that, MeMe’s unique infant […]

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