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The Art of an App: Disney Puzzle Slider

Back in November, I reviewed Disney Interactive’s iPhone/iTouch app Disney Puzzle Slider. Essentially a digital version of a plastic scrambled tile puzzle, this app has remained a hit in our household. The key appeal of this app is the ability to collect points to unlock “hidden” images in categories like Villains, Simply Mickey, Disney Stylized, […]

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Olivia Paints, Maia Celebrates

In a previous post, I made it pretty clear that we absolutely love Olivia in our house. And, based on my previous iTouch/iPhone app reviews, we also love our technology. So when the two combine, it is perfect multimedia enjoyment. When I was given a promo code to download the new Olivia Paints app, I […]

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Where It’s App: Fairy Tales Edition

Lately, I find myself surrounded in fairy tales. When we go to the library or select a film, a standard question seems to be “is there a princess in it?” or “is it a fairy tale?” So, with witches, magical kisses, evil stepmoms and happily ever after in mind, here is a list of  my […]

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Where It’s App Part 3: More iPhone/iPod Reviews

It’s time again to look at some of the apps that are leaving smudge marks on my iPod Touch. Here’s a broad look at some of the best kid-friendly applications worthy of some gigabytes on your device. Anorak Magazine (Oksar Ltd) –$1.99 Based on the beautifully-designed international magazine for kids, this app offers a handful […]

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Where It’s App Part 2: Storytime!

As a kid, I have a feeling my parents were probably feeling both awe and hesitation when they started purchasing those books with the yellow read-along tapes. While this new technology may have been impressive to them, I am sure there was some concern that the Fisher-Price tape recorder would completely cut into the traditional […]

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