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Illustrators, Writers Let Down Their Hair With Rapunzel Interpretations

As I have probably hinted at before, my daughter is quite the Disney Princess fan girl. So, when word came out their next major animated effort was the introduction of a post-modern take on Rapunzel (recently renamed Tangled), she was naturally curious about this classic tale. So, off to my library I went to take […]

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Boston-Based Talent Unleashes a Monster Squad

As declared in my previous post, I get very excited when I hear of a cool kid’s project coming out of the Beantown area. While many of my Boston compadres may get giddy with pride over the Red Sox, this media geek does the same for companies and talent putting together quality projects for the […]

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Multi-Platform “Zebrafish” Shows Power of Science, Giving, Compassion

When I see a quality kid-centric project coming out of my Boston hometown, it is hard not to call it out. And when it is a project with a philanthropic twist, it demands a post. Zebrafish is named after the fish used for studying diseases Generation Cures is an online community and content site created […]

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Why You Should Add Olivia To Your Media Mix

While some people may be able to nobly claim “we are not a TV family,” here in the Siden household, we cannot utter this phrase. However, we do watch in moderation, limiting Maia’s intake to set times of day and to programs that provide some type of educational value. TV is not a babysitter in […]

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Where It’s App Part 2: Storytime!

As a kid, I have a feeling my parents were probably feeling both awe and hesitation when they started purchasing those books with the yellow read-along tapes. While this new technology may have been impressive to them, I am sure there was some concern that the Fisher-Price tape recorder would completely cut into the traditional […]

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