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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

Very cool build-your-own blocks concept from Shirara & Mai Miura. (via Babyology) # Caterpods toys teach kids about plant & gardens…and are pretty freakin cute. [email protected] # New Collectible Card Game, for the the young ones: “Herobits.” (via ICV2) # Boys’ property Gormiti to inspire launch of magazine in the UK. […]

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Yo Gabba Gabba: The Art of Animation

Yo Gabba Gabba gets lots of well-deserved props for the musical guests that perform on the show. Whether it’s indie soft-rockers The Shins telling kids “It’s Ok, Try Again” or electro-funk act Chromeo reminding us to keep our hands “Clean,” there is no shortage of cool ‘Super Music Friends’ on this show. But, one of […]

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A Summer Family Playlist (Hold the “Family Music”)

Sunny pop from the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. No, really. We are huge proponents of quality kids/family music in our house. However, I also celebrate adding a few adult songs to your kiddie-centric playlist.  Specifically, appealing to your child’s blossoming music tastes while appeasing your need for some songs that are NOT about the ABCs and […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

Good summary! RT @TheToyDetective: Toy industry’s business week digested – # Sony new VidZone service for PS3 being called their own version of Spotify. (via MCV) # The Incredible Mr. Limpet reborn! # Wii-no-Ma from Nintendo to revolutionize content delivery in Japan? (via CScout) # MCV Magazine has a videogame “ultimate […]

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Unique Clothing Supports Overlooked Cause

Slightly Photoshopped Maia showing off the Goldfinch print First off, I will admit my biases here, as they are threefold. MeMe Baby is based out of our neighboring city, has used my daughter as a model on their website and even supports a cause that is close to me. Looking past that, MeMe’s unique infant […]

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