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Eebee Ready to Show Off His Dreadlocks

This week it was announced that Vivendi Entertainment had acquired domestic DVD, digital and mobile rights to Every Baby Company’s Eebee’s Adventures. An early favorite of Maia’s, we have already scooped up the various DVDs that Vivendi will now be distributing on a wider scale. In the official press release Vivendi Entertainment President Tom O’Malley […]

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Where It’s App: iPhone/iPod for Toddlers

I love my iPod Touch.  I want to enter into a plural marriage with it. The amount of things I am able to do on this thing amazes me. At the end of the day, it is really just a mini-laptop that is extremely portable. Of course, one of my priorities in using this device […]

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Because you deserve a few songs in the playlist, too.

“A few people have mentioned the childlike, sing-along quality in our songs. I think it’s because my voice isn’t too high or too low, and the lyrics have that chanty quality, so anyone can sing along to them. Or maybe we’ve just got the brains of four-year-olds!” – Katie White, leader singer of The Ting […]

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The Kylie Minogue of Preschool TV?

Any music maven knows the basic quandary of Kylie: huge worldwide following while the US mostly evades her. Is one of daughter’s favorite shows getting the same treatment? Pocoyo, a CGI animated toon, can be easily purchased on Amazon and other online retailers. But this TV show remains mostly homeless in the world of US […]

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You’ve landed on my shores

About 8 years ago, I took on the role of editor/writer of a newsletter at a design firm focused on children’s projects. The newsletter focused on a broad scope of trends in media, toys, fashion, technology and general lifestyle. It was a part-time project that kept me in touch with this fascinating demographic, even when […]

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