At some point in your life you have probably chanced upon the deliciousness that is Pocky. These small,  chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks are as ”big in Japan” as you get, where they have inspired dozens of flavors, super-sized sticks, decorative versions and even a “Men’s Pocky” product (aka: dark “mature” chocolate).

Here in the U.S., we Pocky lovers are resigned to hoping we may chance upon the 1 or 2 flavors  offered in  international sections of grocers, select pop culture stores and even some Targets. Fortunately, my family has an “in,” and her name is Auntie Suzanne. Monthly visits to her local Asian supermarket in San Fran result in care packages of various Pocky flavors for the little one.

As far as dessert options for toddlers go, Pocky gets an A+.  It is a thrill for Maia to pick her  “flavor of the day,” making dessert time more of an event.   It is also relief to know one of these thin, light sticks aren’t going to inject her with sugar either.  And we always leave it at one stick, which I think is part of the novelty for her. I also love that we are exposing her to a dessert tradition from another culture. I realize Pocky isn’t exactly exotic delicacy, but it is an alternative to cookies & milk.

So, head over to your local grocer’s international aisle or dig even deeper at a nearby Asian market and get a Pocky party going in your house, too.

Official Pocky Website (in Japanese)

Pocky Wikpedia Entry

The many varieties available overseas

The many varieties available overseas
J-Pop stars love Pocky, too.
J-Pop stars love Pocky, too.
The official Pocky mascot?
The official Pocky mascot?
Maia says "yay!" for super-sized Pocky.
Maia says “yay!” for super-sized Pocky.
October 6, 2009

My favorite flavor has to be strawberry.
But chocolate dipped in coffee is amazing too!!.=D

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