Slightly Photoshopped Maia showing off Goldfinch print
Slightly Photoshopped Maia showing off the Goldfinch print

First off, I will admit my biases here, as they are threefold. MeMe Baby is based out of our neighboring city, has used my daughter as a model on their website and even supports a cause that is close to me. Looking past that, MeMe’s unique infant and toddler clothing designs stand on their own merit as a cool addition to any wardrobe.

MeMe was founded by Jennifer Subrin, out of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Their garments are made of materials like organic cotton and are produced using environmentally and socially responsible organizations. According to their website, their distinct designs are inspired by the birds of New England and etchings of Olde England.

When I originally heard about bird designs on clothes, I had images of old lady house dresses dancing through my head. But Jennifer’s husband Dennis Witnauer has created original prints that are urban and modern.

Most importantly, MeMe is also involved with the HER Foundation, (Hyperemesis Education & Research foundation), an organization that provides education & support to mothers suffering from the serious and debilitating pregnancy disease Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Having a close friend who has a suffered from this disease, I have seen the toll it takes on a woman and her family and I am glad to see a company bringing some attention to it. MeMe’s HERon bodysuit and organic cotton tee shirt raises money for the the HER Foundation. (Jennifer suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum during her last pregnancy.)

MeMe infant and toddler clothing can be purchased in baby clothing and gift boutiques or purchased directly online at

"HERon" Print
“HERon” Print