I’m a dad and husband who loves experiencing new things with my own “little nuggets.” For 15 years, I have been writing and researching children’s products and entertainment and am well-equipped to provide my children with only the best. As a self-professed pop culture junkie, I am already (inadvertently) molding my daughters into ones as well – but under the strict guidelines that any media and products they consume must have quality and authenticity. Whether sharing my thoughts on media and toys or trying to beat you to the punch on spotting a new trend, I hope to make this blog a useful resource.

I am also an experienced digital marketer, who has spent over a decade focused on online marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media marketing, organic search marketing, and blogging.  As the social web has become a way-of-life for consumers and businesses, I have focused my career on implementing and managing social media campaigns across multiple platforms.

My background in social media and my editorial experience covering children’s products and entertainment inspired me to evolve Nugget Island into a business focused on helping children’s products and properties develop their social media presence. I want to help you find time to concentrate on your brand, product or music while I get you noticed online.

And that is me.

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