If you kvell over the artistic sensibilities and pop-art style of Yo Gabbba Gabba and its animated segments, then it is time to take a trip to Goon Holler.  While we have written about this property in the past, all has been quiet out of the ‘Holler,’ until now. The Goon Holler Guidebook

The Goon Holler Guidebook” was written and illustrated by four-time Emmy-nominated Yo Gabba Gabba art director Parker Jacobs, based on a a property he created with his brother Christian (co-creator and director of ‘Gabba’ and The Aquabats! Super Show!).  This fully-illustrated “guidebook” introduces readers to Tooba the Bigfoot as he wanders into the land of Goon Holler. There he meets a wizard name Uncle Wiznat, a girl named Dosie Doh, an alien name Xöranj and the mischievous furry goons that give the book its name.

“The Goon Holler Guidebook” shirks the traditional format  to create what can be best described as a “variety show”-style book for kids. Similar to “Yo Gabba Gabba,” a wrap-around story ties everything together. The story focuses on Tooba’s introduction to Goon Holler and is interspersed with comic strips, recipes, jokes, and even sing-alongs.

When the Parkers launched Yo Gabba Gabba, they brought something bold and new to TV, while pulling in the best artists and musicians to make it hit home with kids and caregivers. Once again, they are ignoring the norms in a traditional marketplace and have created a first-of-its-kind book for kids.

So what’s next for Goon Holler? Let’s hear from Parker himself in an exclusive interview with Nugget Island.

Nugget Island: First off, a standard question: What inspired this property and its universe?

Parker Jacobs: I lived in Appalachia for a few years; West Virginia, Virginia & the Amish part of Maryland. America’s forgotten back yard became so exciting to me in this age of Google maps. Living out there brought back things that excited me as a kid, tall tales, stories of Bigfoot, the Flatwoods Monster, Mothman…These legends say that there’s still magic, wonder and unknown things in this world, but it’s just hiding out in some hidden forest. Like the Smurf villlage.

NI: What came first ‘Goon’ or ‘Gabba’?

Parker Jacobs

PJ: We had been developing both from around the same time. I was already working on Goon Holler when Christian approached me to feature those characters for the “Please/ Thank you” segment in the Yo Gabba Gabba pilot.  That along with 2 other Goon Holler shorts, “Goon Fishin’ and “Toot Your Horn”  were in the first season.

NILove the guidebook format! What made you decide to go this way instead of a traditional storybook?

PJ: My goal for “The Goon Holler Guidebook” was not to tell one story but to present a new world. I wanted to appeal to a broader audience, while still keeping it visually strong. If I had just made a traditional picture book people would think that Goon Holler is just for preschoolers.  I also didn’t want to settle on one style. That’s why I implemented an Illustrated version, a loose 2-color comic book style and even real photographs of Dosie Doh and Pooka Shells.

NIIs that you singing the theme songs on the website?

PJ: Oh that’s Tooba’s voice. ;^)

NIHave you tried all the recipes in the cookbook?

PJ: Okay you got me. Not all of them. A couple of those recipes I enlisted my sister and mom to help put together. The Alien Tentacle Crawlers,  is something I’ve been doing with my  kids for years! It’s so much fun to prepare as a family.

NI: What future plans do you have for the property outside of the print media?

PJ: I would like to do an app next. The goons lend themselves so well to designer toys, but we’ll see. Ultimately a T.V. show or a full-length motion picture is where I’d like to take this.

NIWill we see more of the ‘Holler or Toobaloth C Grassfoot on Yo Gabba Gabba?

PJ: Probably not, but don’t you think it’s time for a spin-off anyway?


“The Goon Holler Guidebook” is now  available on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide. For more information about the Goon Holler team, check out http://www.goonhollerbook.com or http://www.sourcedmediabooks.com. Also, be sure to check out the trailer here!

Goon Holler Goodbye

At Nugget Island, we love unique goods for kids, and it doesn’t get any more unique than handmade. The zanimals are cute stuffed critters made of knee socks and other new & recycled clean materials,  stuffed with 100% polyester fiberfill. The zanimals were brought to life by Suzanne Pollack, a Boston-based artist from my childhood hometown who I have known since she was collecting stuffed animals of her own.

Each zanimal is handcrafted with their own little back-story, name and personality, making for a one-of-kind experience for each child (or adult). According to “artist, animal lover and knee sock wearer” Suzanne, “making these cute critters allows me to combine my extreme love of animals with my desire to play with texture, pattern and color. Because my zanimals truly are filled with love, you will feel their souls when you look into their sweet button eyes.” Also, 10% of each zanimal purchase will be donated to an animal charity.

Check out Suzanne’s Etsy shop and meet some of her latest zanimal creations.  Any one of her latest critters would be an excellent one-of-kind gift for the holidays. Below are a just few to check out.

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TalkAboutIt.orgWhen I was 17, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The good news is my epilepsy is controlled by medicine (unlike some people who suffer from this disorder). The bad news is I have epilepsy- a random, rare version caused by sleep deprivation and extended periods of reading.

When I was 17, there were no online resources to go to find out more information. In the early-mid-90’s, there was barely an “online” at all. Your lucky friend may have had AOL, but you were not likely to use it to research seizure disorders. Instead, you were probably on it to find out when your favorite band was at the Tweeter Center. Thankfully, today we have websites like TalkAbout It.org.

TalkAboutIt.org is a website and 501(c)3 charity created by actor Greg Grunberg - known for his role on Heroes. The goal of the website and the Talk About It organization is to “end the misperceptions and misunderstanding about epilepsy and seizure disorders.”  Greg was inspired to create this website after his eldest son was diagnosed with epilepsy and he wanted to help end the stigma around epilepsy while working to find a cure.

The website works as virtual subway with a map directing you to train stops for non-epileptics and epileptics alike, with the ultimate goal of getting people to talk about the condition. Each stop features an introduction by Greg’s celebrity friends like Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner, John Mayer, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine,  usually followed by a video of Greg interviewing doctors or actual people living with epilepsy. In the videos, Greg broaches topics like dating, bullying, employment, telling your friends & family –  things people may not be comfortable talking about with their Doctor.

And if you are worried you or your children are getting medical advice from celebrities, don’t fear. Their bits were scripted and expert advice was provided by the Epilepsy Foundation, the “national voluntary health organization dedicated to helping the over three million Americans with epilepsy.”

Talk About It.org also collects donations to raise money for epilepsy and has an active social network tied into the site.

Talk About It Behind-The-Scenes

Greg Grunberg directs Chris Pine (“Star Trek”) on the set of TalkAboutIt.org