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Halloween is my holiday. As a horror movie junkie and a lover of all things creepy, crawly and spooky, I absolutely delight in a day of the year where everyone of all ages accepts a little macabre into their manor.  Sure, it has to be down-aged for the little ones, but as soon as the decorations appear in stores, I am ready to celebrate.

G-Rated Boos from Schnitzer

As my blog clearly demonstrates, I also enjoy celebrating quality and entertaining music with my daughter. So when All Hallows Eve comes around, it is an essential to find songs that match the season. As Maia is only three, I have to be somewhat selective in fright-themed tunes, but with wonderful sites like  Zooglobble.com, Kidsmusic.about.com, gooney bird kids, and Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child to guide me, we can get quite the playlist going. Here are a few songs to add to your mix this season.

Kindie Blood Curdles

“Howling at the Moon” by The Hipwaders -  This California kindie trio offers a fun werewolf tale that will inspire some backseat howling.

“Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat” by Sue Schnitzer - A fun folk ditty from Sue’s full album of Halloween songs for kids.

“The Day After Halloween” by The Sippy Cups – We fell in love with this song last year, as well as its accompanying video. Another kindie superstar band, the song comes from their EP One Day Soon.

“The Edison Museum” by They Might Be Giants – This song is on their No! album. A spooky ditty  about a haunted mansion, this track will be creeping the kiddies out all year.

The Gabba gang plays dress up
Give them something good to eat

“A Monster Goes Rrraargh!” by ScribbleMonster & His Pals – This hard rocker from Chicago-area kindie quintet ScribbleMonster will have the little ones practicing their best monster growls well past the season of scares.

“Moogie Monster Man” by Kevin Kammeraad and Friends – Off Kevin’s 50+ track collection The Tomato Collection: The Big Album, this is less a Halloween song and more a celebration of make-pretend monsters.

“Monster Face” by Roger Day- Doing his best Pee-Wee Herman voice, Day demands all the kids make their best monster face and then dance, dance, freeze.

“Skeleton Song” by Mary Kaye – Maine-based Mary Kaye has created a delightfully quirky Halloween song with some fun xylophone instrumentation and mouth sound effects.

“Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet” by Monty Harper – Oklahoma-based children’s performer Harper tells a (kid-safe) creepy tale of a troll who exacts revenge on a house with no candy left.

Assorted Halloween Songs from Yo Gabba Gabba – In case you missed the  Halloween-themed episode, it features some great music, both from the regular cast of characters, as well as musical guests Shiny Toy Guns and I Monster. We love these songs so much, we had to find a way to extract and save the songs from the episode after we purchased it on iTunes.

Adult Supervision Recommended

Zacherley cooks up Halloween fun in the lab

“Ghoul Bash” by Eban Schletter featuring Dave Gruber Allen – This composer/songwriter has brought a team of talent on board for his more adult-skewing album Witching Hour. Jill Sobule, Dave Foley, Paul F. Tompkins, Grant Lee Phillips and Tom Kenny (aka Spongebob Squarepants) all show up on various Halloween-themed tracks.

“Halloween Dance” by Reverend Horton Heat , “No Costume, No Candy” by The Swingin’ Neckbreakers – Both of these songs are from the Rob Zombie-produced compilation Halloween Hootenanny. While his adult efforts (both film and music) aren’t exactly family fare, these hard rocking songs are safe for your Halloween shuffle mix.

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson – ‘Tis the season to appreciate all things MJ.  Like most people in my age bracket, I was a bit traumatized by this video as a kid. Regardless, the song is relatively harmless, as long as the Vincent Price voice-over doesn’t unnerve any young ears.

Classic Cuts

“Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and “The Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley - As a kid, these songs drove me crazy. Now, it is with tongue in cheek that I share them with my daughter..

“Which Witch is Which” from Walt Disney Record’s Halloween Songs & Sounds - Pulled f

Disney scares
Disney scares

rom a Disney novelty record, this track will entertain the Mickey lovers in the minivan.

“This is Halloween” by Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas OST) – While the accompanying images from the film may be a bit too intense for younger kids, the song itself has become a seasonal classic.

“Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)” by Harry Belafonte – The “King of Calypso” sings about the undead in one of my favorite songs from these picks.  While you are at it, pick up the whole Belafonte collection for the rest of the year.

Halloween Detox (Or,  how to “unspook” your child through the power of music)

“Under My Bed” by Recess Monkey – Seattle kindie band (and teachers by day) turn the monster-under-bed story on its side with this not-so-scary story song.

“Soaper the Scaredy-Bot” by The Jimmies – Let Ashley Albert and co. remind your little ones not to be afraid of silly things with this irresistible kids’ tune that will distract them from that evil ghoul in the closet.

“Maybe the Monster” by Justin Roberts – This song, from the popular Chicago children’s singer-songwriter, is just one of the many songs out there to help kids remember that monsters are “make pretend.”

Happy Halloween!

“Coolest Little Monster ” by John Zacherley – Many of the (quite humorous) lyrics from the song will go over heads of little ones, but any song from this TV horror host personality is a must for the season.

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While Hasbro may be the most well known New England-based toy company,  toy store owners across the country may instead think of the Schylling brand. Rowley-MA based Schylling Toys specializes in classic, timeless toys with modern appeal. You won’t see any fly-by-night tech gadgets coming out of their catalogue.

That’s precisely what makes this company so cool. Through the 30 plus years they have been in business, Schylling has been putting out a line of playthings with appeal to both kids and adults. Here are just a few off the more interesting items coming off the Schylling production line.

Sock Monkey ManiaSMJB-1

Who doesn’t love a kitschy sock monkey toy? For those of us who aren’t talented enough to create our own, or too thrifty to splurge on an Etsy creation, Schylling has its own model. In addition, you can also celebrate your child’s love for all things Sock Monkey with a yo-yoplayground ball, alarm clock, jack in the boxes or tin tea set, all featuring the stuffed simian.

Retro Tin Collector Toys

Adult Schylling fans know them as much for their extensive collection of retro tin toys as for their classic playthings. For collectors of offbeatrobotbox and collectible toys, this company is a great go-to. Visitors to their the site will find original tin toy creations like the  irreverent wind-up Duck On Bike, the amusement park-themed Rocket Ride Carousel, a mini car Rocket Racer, a Cowboy with a tin lasso, or the ray gun-toting  Tin Wind Up Spaceman.

Attack of the Robots!

Speaking of retro, it is impossible not to call out their collection of robots. Parents can get their geek on, while inspiring future sci-fi lovers. My personal favorite is the Planet Robot model (with sparking eyes!), and for those too young to go the tin-toy route just yet, a very cool robot-inspired kickball.

I’m With the Band

For the young musician in your house, Schylling has a wide selection of authentic, but down-aged, musical instruments. Items like their wooden accordion, mini baby grand piano, 6 string acoustic guitar and cowboy guitar are more than just toys, but, instead, functioning instruments to introduce kids into the world of music.


Little Princess

For those who have accepted the fact that your child has somehow been programmed to love all things pink and princessy, Schylling has options. Further, for those who prefer their princess toys license-free, Schylling can fulfill that as well: dresses, accessories, and mini-castle included!

The Magic Lives On

When I was a kid, everyone on the block had a magic kit. Whether it was a card tricks, ball tricks or magic wands, we were all trying to be little Houdinis. How refreshing that Schylling is keeping the classic magic kit alive with over a dozen products in their Fantasma line, 405MS-2including the deluxe Lengths of Magic kit that includes an instructional DVD.

Other cool and classic products  coming out of the Schylling house include Erector sets, Jack in the Box toys, dress up clothes, diecasts, science sets, and Sea Monkeys.

Sock Monkey Toys